Homeworld - Cataclysm Expansion Pack (2000) (PC)

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Homeworld - Cataclysm Expansion Pack (2000) (PC)

Postby maxpayne2409 on Sun May 09, 2004 10:49 pm

Homeworld - Cataclysm Expansion Pack - 2000 (PC)


Homeworld Cataclysm takes over where the original Homeworld left off. Fifteen years after finding their homeworld, the Hiigaran's face an unfathomable horror. Now it is up to you to take command of the Kuun-Lan, a Somtaaw mining vessel forced into battle. Harvest resources, research technologies, build ships, and strategize your way through space.

ed2k: Homeworld.Cataclysm.-.expansion.iso.rar  [441.63 Mb] [Stats]

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