X-Plane: Space Combat (PC) (Freeware)

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X-Plane: Space Combat (PC) (Freeware)

Postby Jynks on Mon Dec 18, 2006 2:28 am


Do not let the name fool you this is another space sim. Design and fly your own planes.... use ready made models from your fav scifi show!!!

Official Site wrote:often watch Star Wars, Star Trek, and Babylon 5 and wonder how those spaceships really should handle.
Could the X-Wing really manuever like that?
Need the Imperial Star Destroyers really be so LUMBERING?
What would it be like to fly a Star Fury?
How should a vessel of a given mass, size, and thruster power REALLY handle?

Enter Space Combat, a space simulator where all of the laws of physics are accurately applied to
your vehichle.

You enter the spaceship mass, size, and thruster and engine powers and locations and see
how the resulting ship handles... with the physics being accurate.

Take the ship though gates projected on a HUD, or asteroids or comets to test your manueverability
and flying skills.

Open the default region that comes with the sim (which is the default region at start-up),
create and save your own regions (just create your own files with any text editor for the REGIONS folder)
or select the "RANDOMIZE REGION" from the FILE menu to see some of my ideas for flying challenges.

Once you get the hang of that, try equipping your ship with an artificial stability system to
make it easier to fly if you like... this system will waste fuel madly as it adjusts the flight path
for you, but it will make the ship much easier to fly as well. Worth it?

The green box is your curent velocity vector.
The red box is THE REVERSE your curent velocity vector, to check out your direction while going backwards.
The yellow box is the vector to your target.
The orange box is THE REVERSE of the vector to your target, to check it out while going backwards.

Remember, hit the 't' key to bring up a display telling you what percentage throttle
will be needed to STOP by the time you get to your target.. the top number is if you do not turn around
and use your manin engines to decelerate, the bottom number is if you DO turn around and use your main
engines to slow down. If the throttle required to stop by the time you get to your target is greater than 100%,
then you will overshoot your target! Inexperienced space pilots end up running back and forth like a yo-yo,
always overshooting... so think carefully while you fly, it's a whole new world up there!

Have at it!

austin meyer

author, X-Plane and Space Combat

Download Space Combat for Free, AND it is legal
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