X3 Reunion (2005) (SFClone)

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X3 Reunion (2005) (SFClone)

Postby Macabria on Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:07 pm


The Sequel to the award winning X2: The Threat will introduce a new 3D engine as well as a new story, new ships and a new gameplay to greatly increase the variety in the X-universe. The economy of X3: Reunion will be more complex than anything seen in the X-universe before. Factories are being built by NPCs, wars can affect the global economy, NPCs can trade freely and pirates will behave far more realistically.

Extensive development has gone into the X3 engine, making full use of DirectX 9 technology, to create dramatic visual effects and stunningly realistic starships. Coupled with the massively enhanced A.L. (Artificial Life) system, X3: Reunion will present players with an ever changing, evolving universe; where a player's actions really can shape the future of the universe.

Newcomers will enjoy the additions to the already graphically impressive, almost living X3-Universe, while veterans can expect new construction options and an improved physics model.

What happened so far: While the Argon fleet is stretched almost to breaking point by the continuing attacks from Khaak, a new enemy is stalking the X-universe. What links a mysterious ship with the power to disappear, the ruthless Yaki pirates and a machine left by an ancient species? It's time to strap yourself into your cockpit, warm up your laser cannon and get some answers.


* Over 200 newly designed models have been created for X³
* A new graphical user interface prevents less screen obstruction and faster access to all game options.
* Completely redesigned X universe, with new high detailed environments including asteroid fields, dense gaseous nebulae's, star ship graveyards and much more.
* A multitude of new technologies and weapons systems, make the player even more devastating in combat
* Controllable via joystick, keyboard and mouse cursor, all are fully re-mappable giving the player infinite choice over control layout

Code: Select all
1. You need Windows XP SP2

2. IDE PCI Controller Drivers MUST be OS STANDARD IDE PCI Drivers

3. Unpack file sfcure01 located into archive sfcuretool.rar,launch file !setup.bat through MS-Dos prompt and reboot your box

4. If you have AMD64, then use sfcure_x64 instead

5. Mount Alcohol 120 image and install the game

6. Once installation is complete, launch sfdrup 2 update StarForce3 drivers and reboot box

7. Launch !start.bat through MS-Dos Prompt, file located in the tools.rar pack

8. Use StarForce Nightmare & launch sfn.exe

9. Select in this order: "Disable node", "Disable CD", "Disable node", and the IDE channel you use for real CD/DVD units ( Pr. Slave, Sc. Master or Sc. Slave ), depending on how your IDE units are connected

10. Launch the game and when asked use the serial

ed2k: X3_Reunion_Enlight_CloneDVD_SFCure.rar  [3.40 Gb] [Stats]
ed2k: StarForce.Nightmare.v1.12.rar  [234.2 Kb] [Stats]

[ Add all 2 links to your ed2k client ]
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