Startopia (2001)

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Startopia (2001)

Postby Macabria on Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:45 pm


Startopia is a social development game that takes place in outer space. Players start in one three-tiered section of a broken-down, donut-shaped space station and begin repairs and additions to make the base more appealing to new inhabitants. Several different races exist in the galaxy and various creatures may be enticed to come live at the repaired space station, adding their own skills and abilities to the renovation project.

Players must manage all the economic and military affairs at their station, building stability and strength. Since the different alien races have different needs and wants, keeping residents and visitors satisfied becomes an important part of gameplay as well. There are other aspiring supervisors in the galaxy too, some of whom may decide to set up their own bases in a different section of the same large space station, so sooner or later it is very likely that players will have to compete for territory and new inhabitants.


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