I'm Still Seeing Breen - music vid

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I'm Still Seeing Breen - music vid

Postby <insert> on Tue May 03, 2005 6:02 pm

I'm Still Seeing Breen



HL2 Machinima Video - "I'm Still Seeing Breen"
In other news, I finally completed the HL2 music video I had been working on - well, "completed" is a hard word to say - you always want to tweak this or that. In any case, its completed for now, as I need to focus on more important endeavours (like the upcoming GDC). I really enjoyed stretching my Machinima legs on this project and it made me more familiar with the HL2 tools - FacePoser, DemoUI and a wee bit of the new Hammer - which are all pretty cool.

Some background on the video: After I completed Half-Life 2, I thought it was one of the more exceptional games I had played. Around each corner, there was yet another experience that would forever be burned into my gray matter. Afterwards, I found myself playing through some of the more exciting levels again and thought to put together a music video around it. I had been itching to put FacePoser to work, and it became obvious that a music video would be a good place to give it a try. I tested putting HL2 visuals to a song by Breaking Benjamin called "So Cold", which had been in my head for a few weeks. The holidays arrived and it put the project on hold for a bit. Afterwards, I stumbled upon Hooked on Booze's vid of a similar nature, which gave me additional inspiration to complete my project (thanks, Shawn!).

ed2k: StillSeeingBreen-v1.1-HQ.wmv

http: StillSeeingBreen-v1.1-HQ.wmv
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