N.W.O. Playing Cards

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N.W.O. Playing Cards

Postby <insert> on Wed Jun 01, 2005 6:29 pm

N.W.O. Playing Cards


New World Order: The Deck of Cards
by propagandamatrix

The least wanted people who are destroying our world in their sick quest for power.
Throwing it back in their faces we have produced this deck of cards,
a satire on the "most wanted" deck produced by the globalists during the Iraq war.

Each card is packed with vital facts and information exposing the criminal activities of the figureheads of the globalist elite.

[Official Site]

link with Corruption Handling. try this first
ed2k: n.w.o.-.playing.cards.(propagandamatrix.com).rar  [2.10 Mb] [Stats]

old style link compatible for all clients
ed2k: n.w.o.-.playing.cards.(propagandamatrix.com).rar  [2.10 Mb] [Stats]

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