Sullivan -Unshackled-Survivor's Story of Mind Control (2003)

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Sullivan -Unshackled-Survivor's Story of Mind Control (2003)

Postby red_gonzo on Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:03 pm

This is Kathleen Sullivan's shocking book Unshackled - A Survivor's Story of Mind Control (2003) which is a non-fictional account of author's horrible experiences as part of a criminal network which includes intelligence and military personnel, doctors and mental health professionals contracted by the military and the CIA, criminal cult leaders and members, pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers and Nazis. Like the Mafia, the rules of this criminalized, networked subculture are drastically different from the rules of "normal" society. Through the Satanic mind-control program known as Project Monarch, a system of horrific trauma-based control perpetrated at the highest levels of the US government, the physical and mental abuse she suffered in the name of 'National Security' beggars belief. Sullivan describes her upbringing and her employment as an assassin in the world of "covert ops", the smoke and mirrors world of "shadow government". She tells her personal story in order the reader can understand how Manchurian Candidate style mind-control techniques can create alter-states in the mind's unwitting victims so they will perform deeds that are normally repugnant. The details of Kathleen's experiences are hard to read about yet her personal courage is very inspiring as her courage is a testament to the strength of her spirit. Unshackled, a true saga of horror encompassing the brainwashing, programming and healing fight of one woman from birth to adult, is informative to both survivors and their allies about the extent and practices of organized evil and how various groups are allowed to perpetuate horrific trauma on innocent children and others while going virtually unchalleged. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of Kathleen's experiences entails the government's complicity in working with various malevolent cults and underground criminal organizations. Her book provides many specific details about the nature and organization of various nazi and satanic cults and describes how they've infiltrated the military and political infastructure. The sad thing is that the aforementioned persons continue to practise their depredations with seeming impunity due to enormous ignorance of the public which simply cannot deal with the horrific reality that lies behind it. 465 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

ed2k: Sullivan.-.Unshackled.-.A.Survivor's.Story.of.Mind.Control.(2003).pdf  [2.77 Mb] [Stats]

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