Swartz - Secret Black Projects of New World Order (1998)

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Swartz - Secret Black Projects of New World Order (1998)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:09 pm

This is Tim Swartz's amazing book Secret Black Projects of the New World Order - Anti-Gravity UFOs, Black Helicopters and Mysterious Flying Triangles (1998) which reveals how top secret budget is spent to fund military technology light years beyond what the public believes is the actual state-of-the-art as well as to construct underground bases throughout America that may be designed not only to shelter high ranking members of the government during a nuclear attack, but which may also serve as locations to which they bring unwitting "abductees" being used for government mind control and genetic experimentation. Hundreds of ordinary, law abiding, citizens appear to be under the "watchful" eye of unmarked helicopters said to be among the high technology surveillance tools of the New World Order - a secret society of high powered individuals working behind the scenes to control global destiny. The author of this highly controversial book maintains that his research shows that all kinds of strange aircraft are flying overhead which may be based on back engineered alien technology (possibly the result of one or more UFO crash-landings). These highly advanced black budgeted aircraft - a large percentage consisting of mysterious flying triangles - continue to be developed using technologies - including anti-gravity and techniques of invisibility - that are so highly sophisticated that the possibility exists that the science used could be the result of an exchange between secret earthly forces and some unknown cosmic intelligence. The book begins with an overview of some of the more recent developments in the creation of spy planes for the US military, much of which still remains highly classified. Swartz provides a wealth of interesting details that chronicle the step-by-step process that has led to the Stealth bomber and the still unofficially acknowledged Aurora. The many twists and turns of governmental disinformation and cover-up efforts are examined, including the fact that UFO hysteria might be used to obscure what is actually quite terrestrial though extremely advanced flight technology. In other words, what are often labeled as UFOs could in fact be the mind-boggling weaponry of our own military. Other uses for the black project funding are also revealed, among them secret electromagnetic weapons that were tested up and down the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada in the late 70s, resulting in extreme shock waves and power surges that blew apart sections of the houses in the surrounding area. The exact cause of the extreme electromagnetic "booms" was never discovered, but Swartz makes an excellent case for the probable culprit being a secretly funded military test. Secret Black Projects of the New World Order is a great source of both hard information and intelligent speculation regarding one of the most urgent issues of our time - how our tax dollars are being spent without our knowledge or consent to fund secret military projects that may be designed to enslave us as much as to protect us. Armed with the material provided the reader will become better able to guard himself against the lies of the New World Order which he sadly is also helping to foot the bill for. 105 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

ed2k: Swartz.-.Secret.Black.Projects.of.the.New.World.Order.-.Anti-Gravity.UFOs,.Black....ngles.(1998).pdf  [1.97 Mb] [Stats]

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