The Final Test (1987)

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The Final Test (1987)

Postby hoolemboy on Wed Mar 18, 2009 3:54 am



YesAsia wrote:Producer Sammo Hung goes where few Hong Kong films have gone before - the realm of futuristic science fiction - in The Final Test, a 1987 remake of the Sean Connery Space Western Outland. In the Connery role is Austin Wai (Five Superfighters) as an undercover agent investigating a string of mysterious disappearances within an Orwellian mining colony in the year 2025. Hard science fiction is a genre Hong Kong Cinema never really mastered, and The Final Test isn't quite as successful as more whimsical sci-fi outings like I Love Maria. But as a bold attempt to expand the horizons of the industry, the film gets an "A" for effort, and fans bored with flying swordsmen, triad hitmen, and sexy ghost girls might find The Final Test a refreshing change of pace.

Austin Wai plays Sum, a secret agent posing as the security chief of a remote mining colony where several employees have disappeared without a trace. At first Sum is impressed by the almost superhuman efficiency of the mine's workers, but soon becomes suspicious of the zombie-like manner in which the miners perform their duty. His worst fears are finally confirmed by the colony's resident physician (Deborah Sims), who has been forced to mix a powerful drug into the miners' meals that increases their strength while making them mental slaves of the company. Sum and the doctor prepare to expose the deadly secret, but with every other member of the colony out to get them, they may not live long enough to tell it.

Some IMDB gronk wrote:A DVD version provides no extras other than a menu but the Mandarin soundtrack is benefited by optional English subtitles that are a cut above the norm for Hong Kong cinema.

HKFlix DVD - No Longer Available

Can anyone do a nice AFR rip of this for us? :beerchug:
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