Dark Skies

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Dark Skies

Postby cacotl on Thu Feb 03, 2005 3:56 pm

Any one has a good source/release of this:
http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/Sh ... ark_Skies/ ?

i cant find anything good on net.
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Postby Bassline on Sat Feb 05, 2005 9:37 am

ed2k: Dark%20Skies%20-%201x01%20-%20The%20Awakening%20(Part%201%20&%202).avi  [696.77 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark%20Skies%20-%201x03%20-%20Moving%20Targets.avi  [371.35 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark%20Skies%20-%201x04%20-%20Mercury%20Rising.avi  [370.83 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x05_-_Dark_Days_Night.avi  [363.71 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark%20Skies%20-%2006%20-%20Dreamland.avi  [375.61 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark%20Skies%20-%2007%20-%20Inhuman%20Nature.avi  [367.46 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x08_-_Ancient_Future.avi  [375.01 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x09_-_Hostile_Convergence.avi  [380.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x10_-_We_Shall_Overcome.avi  [382.08 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x11_-_The_Last_Wave.avi  [362.68 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x12_-_The_Enemy_Within.avi  [376.70 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x13_-_The_Warren_Omission.avi  [378.00 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x14_-_White_Rabbit.avi  [377.31 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x15_-_Shades_Of_Gray.avi  [373.74 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x16_-_Burn,_Baby,_Burn.avi  [369.83 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x17_-_Both_Sides_Now.avi  [367.71 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x18_-_To_Prey_In_Darkness.avi  [377.93 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x19_-_Strangers_In_The_Night.avi  [369.25 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Dark_Skies_-_1x20_-_Bloodlines.avi  [376.19 Mb] [Stats]

i downloaded these some about 6 months ago,not sure what sources are like


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Postby cacotl on Wed Feb 09, 2005 3:23 pm

ok, i will compare these hashes with those ive got, because ive got some really bad rips. Thanks a Lot!
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Postby Edrich on Sun Apr 02, 2006 11:12 pm

No subtiltes... :(
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