Requesting 1970s series "SALVAGE 1"

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Requesting 1970s series "SALVAGE 1"

Postby pedal on Sun Jan 22, 2006 6:12 pm

Hi first post....

After a old Sci fi series i watched as a kid..

Salvage 1

The owner of a salvage company decides to "expand" his operations. He builds a spaceship and heads for the moon to salvage the stuff left up there from one of the Apollo missions. Later episodes included one where they towed an iceberg to where water was needed. There were several other very good episodes, but unfortunately, the movie-length pilot episode about the moon was so fantastic that the rest of the series had a hard time living up to its standard.

20 episodes in all, only shown all were shown in Britian

found a fan site too ... vage1.html
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