A Day In the Afterlife of Philip K. Dick (1994)

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A Day In the Afterlife of Philip K. Dick (1994)

Postby hagbard on Sun Apr 10, 2005 7:24 pm

Here is the 57:20 minute video of the BBC TV program, Arena. originally broadcast in April, 1994 this program features many revealing, insightful and humorous interviews with important characters in PKD's life and celebrities. Check out the fake ads by Terry Gilliam and Elvis Costello!

The following is a list of people who appear in "A Day In the Afterlife of PKD":

Terry Gilliam, Thomas A. Disch (sci-fi author), Philip K. Dick, Elvis Costello (musician), Kim Stanley Robinson (sci-fi author), Kleo Mini (PKD's second wife), Brian Aldiss (author), Lawrence Sutin (PKD biographer), Barry Spatz (therapist), Paul Williams (journalist and friend), Anne Dick (PKD's third wife), Tim Powers (friend), Tessa A. Dick, Fay Welden, Jim Blaylock (friend) and Russell Galen (manager).

AVI File Details
Filesize.....: 500 MB (or 512,200 KB or 524,492,800 bytes)
Runtime......: 00:57:20 (86,004 fr)
Video Codec..: DivX 5.0
Video Bitrate: 1089 kb/s
Audio Codec..: 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate: 122 kb/s (61/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.90.°
Frame Size...: 384x304 (1.26:1) [=24:19]

ed2k: Philip.K.Dick.-.A.Day.in.the.Afterlife.(1994.Arena.Documentary).avi  [500.20 Mb] [Stats]

Available also as real-stream in reportedly miserable quality here: http://www.philipkdickfans.com/media.htm
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Postby John_Doe on Mon Apr 11, 2005 4:39 am

hehe, so this is like a sequel? =) tnx.
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Postby hurdygurdy on Tue Nov 01, 2005 8:40 pm

Thanks :eatthis: :beerchug:
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Postby Jynks on Wed Nov 02, 2005 12:34 am

top stuff.
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