Strange Harvest (1997)

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Strange Harvest (1997)

Postby d0c on Mon Oct 10, 2005 12:57 pm


Linda Moulton Howe's Emmy Award-winning documentary on the worldwide cattle mutilation mystery. Really creepy stuff with lots o' footage of fucked up heifers that'll make you think twice about that next Big Mac.

A shocking but true introduction to UAD's, Unexplained, Unusual, Unnatural, and until now, Unsolved Animal Deaths. Linda Howe, a newscaster from Denver won a Emmy for the first of these videos "A Strange Harvest" back in 1980 for her coverage of what can really be called animal dissections instead of mutilations. She makes a strong UFO connection in the first documentary. In 1993, a wave of UFOs and UADs occurred in Alabama, and the second of her videos, done that year, records the mystery of UADs. Video footage shot by local people of UFOs are shown, as well as interviews with law enforcement officials, scientists, vetenarians, and ranchers who have been involved with UADs. These videos are not for the squeamish, as they include graphic footage of dissected animals, but they show UADs for what they are...evidence of extraterrestrail visits.

In a world of normalicy, Linda Moulton Howe has given us food for thought with her frightening documentary detailing many cases of Cattle Mutillations in the US, Canada and England. The cases are very well documented, the evidence is real. This is not a hoax. The biggest question remains, who, or what, is doing this to the animals?

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