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BBC - Journeys in Time and Space

Postby d0c on Sat Nov 05, 2005 11:35 am

Episode 1of6: Big Bang

Series exploring the birth and growth of the universe. Astronomer Chris Riley
visits New York to see the 2 mile long machine that recreates the Big Bang.
Dr. Kathy Sykes meets Francisco Diego, who designs the worlds largest telescopes.

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Episode 2of6: Invisible Universe

Series exploring the birth and growth of the universe. Chris Riley goes in
search of Dark Matter and Dr. Kathy Sykes talks to Jocelyn Bell-Burnell,
the legendary astronomer who discovered the pulsar while doing her doctorate.

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Episode 3of6: Bright Stars and Black Holes

Astronomer Chris Riley discusses black holes and the theory that rather than being a trheat, they may be an essential part of our universe. Kathy Sykes meest Francisco Diego, who designs prisms for the worlds largest telescopes and chases eclipses in his spare time.

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Episode 4of6: Planet Hunting

Astronomer Chris Riley talks to the team from Berkeley who have discovered most of the known planets outside our solar system. Kathy Sykes meets Debbie Pearson, a PhD student who spots stars using the world's most powerfull group of telescopes - the COAST project in Cambridge

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Episode 5of6: Searching the Heavens

Chris Riley looks at thesuccessor to the Hubble space telescope and finds out how ion-engines and solar sails will propell us into interstellar space. Kathy Sykes talks to the director of the British National Space Center about his discovery of a dark star.

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Episode 6of6: The search for intelligent Life

Chris Riley investigates the science behind the newest project of SETI, which
aims to spot laser flashes from distant civilisations. Plus an interview with
Patrick Moore.

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