Hitler's Secret Flying Saucers (2004)

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Hitler's Secret Flying Saucers (2004)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:32 pm

Former Disney animator Paul Scarzo conducts an absorbing interview with author and researcher William R. Lyne, who spins one tale after another about the secret truth behind the modern flying saucer phenomenon and its origins deep inside Nazi Germany. Lyne says at the outset that he believes the UFO phenomenon is very real, but also something entirely manmade. He eschews any belief at all in the better-known "extraterrestrial hypothesis," which posits that flying saucers are the vehicles of aliens from outer space or some other mystical dimension. Lyne has authored several books that lay out this same non-extraterrestrial scenario, including "Pentagon Aliens" and "Occult Ether Physics." But what Lyne focuses on throughout most of the interview is the nature of secrecy and deception, especially in terms of the Nazis' warmongering and dreams of conquest as well as our own CIA's collaboration with the clandestine but still operational German military colossus in the year's following World War II. Lyne was himself a member of the Army-Air Force, and had contacts within the U.S. intelligence community, many of whom passed along secret information about the technological advances being made in the development of saucer-shaped aircraft and the use of the alien explanation as a clever smokescreen. Lyne even asserts that the UFO community as it exists today is entirely a creation of the CIA, arguing that they are a tightly knit group who continually interview and research only each other in a sort of self-perpetuating incestuous attempt to deceive UFO believers and nonbelievers alike. Lyne goes on to declare that there are CIA operatives embedded directly within the news media doing the bidding of their dark masters as they leak portions of classified documents combined with other forms of disinformation, using elements of a bought-and-paid-for "friendly media" to spread the kind of lies and half-truths useful to duping the public about where we are technologically and to conceal the future fascism awaiting us when the conspiracy finally comes out in the open. Lyne also contends that the Nazis were developing their own nuclear technology and even issued morale boosting postcards to the German troops showing an atomic bomb exploding over New York City. 1h 30 min. A must see for everyone.

From the boxcover:
DID THE ALLIES REALLY WIN WORLD WAR II? Aerospace writer and engineer Wm Lyne, offers striking testimony that: Adolf Hitler had at least 7 body doubles and was able to escape from his Berlin "death bunker from which he fled with other Nazis to South America to start a Fourth Reich. The true history of flying saucers is a big lie, full of deceit and government disinformation, created to conceal one basic truth... THAT MOST UFOS ARE MAN-MADE CRAFT BASED UPON GERMAN WORLD WAR TWO ANTI-GRAVITY TECHNOLOG AS FIRST DEVELOPED BY NIKOLA TESLA! Werner von Braun, top German rocket scientist, was present in New Mexico as early as 1937, and the "Roswell Crash" may have been a staged hoax to hide the truth about our government's involvement in alternative methods of propulsion, including free energy.

ed2k: Hitler's.Secret.Flying.Saucers.(William.Lyne).(2004).avi  [592.88 Mb] [Stats]

Also be sure to read 2 Lyne's amazing books, Pentagon Aliens and Occult ether physics:
ed2k: Lyne.-.Pentagon.Aliens.3rd.Edn.(1999).(biggest.expose.of.UFO-aliens.hoax.ever).pdf  [9.15 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: Lyne-Occult.ether.physics-Tesla's.hidden.space.propulsion.system-2nd.edn.(1997).pdf  [1.39 Mb] [Stats]

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