PSYCHO-DAD: The power of the Situation (Social Psychology)

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PSYCHO-DAD: The power of the Situation (Social Psychology)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:38 pm

This highly informative and shocking documentary PSYCHO-DAD: The power of the Situation reveals how invididuals can turn into really nice or really bad guys if only they are confronted with the right situation which stimulates them to the desired behaviour. Such research into social psychology shows what dramatic effect does the environment play on each of us. Find out how this knowledge was and is continually used by the elite to conform individuals to their ideologies as they please. 25 min. A must see for everyone.

From a webreview:
What power can transform a pacifist 'dude' into a sadistic guard?
How can dictators transform rational individuals into blindly obedient masses?
How can 'leaders' give individuals a new identity by making them wear a uniform as part of a group?
How can a person disregard his own rational judgement to side with the majority for the sake of conformity?
ANSWER : The Power of the situation.
Acknowledging that everyone of us can be manipulated by the power of the situation in a given social context, is the first steping stone toward not being swallowed by mass propaganda and shameless lies.

ed2k: Psycho-Dad.-.The.Power.of.the.Situation.(Social.Psychology)-divx6.avi  [154.50 Mb] [Stats]

Also check out the original shocking Stanford prison experiment video:
ed2k: Stanford_Prison_Experiment_-_Psychology_of_Imprisonment_(1971).avi  [276.00 Mb] [Stats]

And Milgram's Obedience experiment (why people obey blindly):
ed2k: Stanley.Milgram.-.Obedience.Experiment.(1965).wmv  [74.41 Mb] [Stats]

Please share this video with others, add links on other forums as I don't know many of them.

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