Britains Secret UFO Hunters

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Britains Secret UFO Hunters

Postby d0c on Fri Nov 25, 2005 10:31 pm


Speaking of paranoia, it's said the internet has more websites
devoted UFOs and alien encounters than anything else. Similarly,
the extraterrestrial realms of cable and digital television are
a haven for such material. Most of it is entirely spurious but
an occasional goody appears, such as Britain's Secret UFO
Hunters (Discovery) which presented the findings of two
historians who'd been investigating rumours that the MoD set up
a top-secret UFO- monitoring unit in Whitehall in the 1950s.

For two years Andy Roberts and Dr David Clarke trawled through
formerly top-secret files released under the Freedom of
Information Act, and found plenty of evidence that a government
report had been prepared in 1951 by the 'Flying Saucer Working
Party' and that a UFO investigation unit had worked out of the
supposedly mysterious Room 801 in the Marlborough Buildings in
London. They also unearthed a wonderful memo from Churchill to
Lord Cherwell asking: 'What does all this stuff about flying
saucers amount to? What can it mean? What is the truth?'

Unfortunately there was no sign of a reply. According to the
records, the MoD unit discontinued all the sightings they
investigated. Unsurprisingly, witnesses interviewed for the
programme remained convinced of what they saw. The refreshingly
sceptical Roberts and Clarke simply pointed out the correlation
between the Cold War and the UFO phenomenon: how the first
reported sighting wasn't until 1947, how flying saucer fever
gripped Britain and America in the Fifties (some of the more
outlandish manifestations shown were truly nutty) and continued
to flare up regularly throughout the Sixties and Seventies. One
of the more telling revelations was that in the decade since the
collapse of Communism, UFO sightings have dropped off
dramatically. Coincidence? Well, maybe. Some of us might put it
down to the vast numbers of people bored to death by the

more info here

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