Basic Principles of Symphatetic Vibratory Physics (1994)

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Basic Principles of Symphatetic Vibratory Physics (1994)

Postby red_gonzo on Fri Mar 10, 2006 7:42 pm

This is Dale Pond's fascinating video lecture Basic Principles of Symphatetic Vibratory Physics (1994) where this world reknown researcher explains the natural philosophy of John Ernst Worrell Keely who over 100 years ago developed an advanced synthesis of science and philosophy into one hollistic science he named SVP. Keely was harnessing Sound, Light, Heart, Mind and Will to operate revolutionary new machinery and to improve Life and Health. This is a science based on Natural Law governing Life, hope and Love and not Death, despair and destruction. In this informative video for the first time ever the basic principles of SVP and Keely's work are being made available to the general public at large. Dale Pond gives a clear and concise lecture with extensive illustrations on this fascinating subject. Presented at United States Psychotronics Association in 1994, very little of the information given through these tape is contained in any printed source which makes it even more valuable to the interested viewer. 3h long. A must see for everyone.

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Video specs:
Video codec: XVID, 29fps, 352x256
Audio codec: MP3, 22kHz, Mono

ed2k: The.Basic.Principles.of.Symphatetic.Vibratory.Physics.1.of.2.(Dale.Pond).(1994).avi  [303.69 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: The.Basic.Principles.of.Symphatetic.Vibratory.Physics.2.of.2.(Dale.Pond).(1994).avi  [262.10 Mb] [Stats]

Also be sure to check out the archives from, a site dedicated to this philosophy:
ed2k:  [10.05 Mb] [Stats]

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