BBC - The Death Star (Horizon, 2001)

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BBC - The Death Star (Horizon, 2001)

Postby Blade Runner on Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:51 pm


BBC - The Death Star (2001)

Out in deepest space lurks a force of almost unimaginable power. Explosions of extraordinary violence, are blasting through the Universe every day. If one ever struck our Solar System it would destroy our Sun and all the planets.

For years no one could work out what was causing these awesome explosions. Now scientists think they have identified the culprit. It's the most extreme object ever found in the Universe; they have christened it a 'hypernova'.

codec: divx 5
bitrate: 950 kbps
resolution: 592 x 432
source: tv-capture
audio: mp3, 128 kb/s, english

found & verified:
ed2k: Bbc%20Documentary%20-%20Horizon%20-%20The%20Death%20Star.avi  [354.68 Mb] [Stats]

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