Cut the Cost of Oil (Energy Machine of Joseph Newman) (2006)

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Cut the Cost of Oil (Energy Machine of Joseph Newman) (2006)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:18 am

This is Joseph Newman's amazing video presentation Cut the Cost of Oil (2006) where this famous american inventor presents the results of his life-time work on the extraction of useful mechanical energy from magnetic field of powerful magnets which would literally revolutionize the world and improve our lives. The energy machine of Joseph Newman, as it is commonly called, utilizes Newman's theory that all electric and magnetic fields are actually made of tiny little gyroscopic particles rotating at enormous speeds which explains the fact that an object still has inertia (resistance towards any force from outside) even if put in gravity-free space, something which baffles science to this very day. His machine has repeatedly been verified by dozens of scientists who have all testified that it produces more power out than it's put in with all the excess energy coming from the "perpetual" magnetic field of giant magnets he uses. An electric car is also presented running on batteries which were powered by the same machine and after almost 1 hour of drive the batteries are still full. Then Newman shortly presents his incredibly simple theory on how the electromagnetic world around is built on the principle of gyroscope and how you can use it to propel mass through the space thuss greatly improving space travel. Often ridiculed but always confirmed by scientists who actually tested his machines, Newman is a typical case of a lonely inventor who tries to change the world but finds himself pressured by the giant oil monopolies and ridiculed by the ignorant public. Find out how some clever amateur inventors are using the very forces that shape our universe to power their electric machines with a fraction of costs of today's oil-driven technology. 70 min. long. A must see for everyone.

Video specs:
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More info:

ed2k: Cut.the.Cost.of.Oil.(The.Energy.Machine.of.Joseph.Newman).(2006).avi  [317.56 Mb] [Stats]

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