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Magnetic Storm (2003) PBS Nova

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Magnetic Storm (2003) PBS Nova


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Like the plot of a sci-fi B movie, something weird is happening deep
underground where the constant spin of Earth's liquid metallic core generates
an invisible magnetic force field that shields our planet from harmful
radiation in space. Gradually, the field is growing weaker. Could we be heading
for a demagnetized doomsday that will leave us defenseless against the lethal
effects of solar wind and cosmic rays? "Magnetic Storm" looks into our
potentially unsettling magnetic future.

Scientists studying the problem are looking everywhere from Mars, which
suffered a magnetic crisis four billion years ago and has been devoid of a
magnetic field, an appreciable atmosphere, and possibly life ever since, to a
laboratory at the University of Maryland, where a team headed by physicist Dan
Lathrop has re-created the molten iron dynamo at Earth's core by using 240
pounds of highly explosive molten sodium. The most visible signs of Earth's
magnetic field are auroras, which are caused by charged particles from space
interacting with the atmosphere as they flow into the north and south magnetic

At the present rate, Earth's magnetic field could be gone within a few
centuries, exposing the planet to the relentless blast of charged particles
from space with unpredictable consequences for the atmosphere and life. Other
possibilities: the field could stop weakening and begin to strengthen, or it
could weaken to the point that it suddenly flips polarity-that is, compasses
begin to point to the South Magnetic Pole.

Such a reversal of polarity seems to happen every 250,000 years on average,
making us long overdue for another swap between the north and south magnetic
poles. Scientist Gary Glatzmaier of the University of California at Santa Cruz
has actually observed such reversals, as they occur in computer simulations.
These virtual events show striking similarities to the current behavior of
Earth's magnetic field and suggest we are about to experience another reversal,
though it will take centuries to unfold. Some researchers believe we are
already in the transition phase, with growing areas of magnetic anomaly-where
field lines are moving the wrong way-signaling an ever weaker and chaotic state
for our protective shield.

Geophysicist Rob Coe, also of the University of California at Santa Cruz, may
have even found a lava record in Oregon that charts the magnetic mayhem that
ensues during a period of reversal. The picture that emerges may not be up to
Hollywood disaster standards, but considering that human civilization has never
had to cope with such a situation before, it could be an interesting and
challenging time

Air Date........November 18, 2003
Release Date....October 25, 2006

Source.......1080i HD OTA
Video........720x400, 1431.2kb/s, 30fps, XviD
Audio........mp3, 32kb/s, 48.0khz, stereo
Length.......53 minutes, 46 seconds

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