Radioactive Contamination in Iraq (Soaud Naja Al-Azzawi)

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Radioactive Contamination in Iraq (Soaud Naja Al-Azzawi)

Postby red_gonzo on Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:19 pm

This is Soaud Naja Al-Azzawi's shocking video lecture Radioactive Contamination in Iraq (2006) where this environmental engineer makes a short but informative survey on how the American forces have contaminated Iraqi soil with radioactive waste which is killing people even today and will kill even more in the future for untold years ahead. Presented at the World Tribunal on Iraq, which is a worldwide undertaking to reclaim justice on the horrific occupation of Iraq, it was totally ignored by the mainstream media although attended by many intellectuals and experts from all over the world. While the war cost thousands of lives, especially among the children, the long-term consequences are even more horrifying as the soil was polluted with untold chemicals, some radioactive in nature. This automatically means that untold thousands will suffer in the future which already shows in many birth defects newly born children have when they enter this hostile world. This silent but very effective act of genocide should not go unnoticed and must be condemned at any cost. Find out how after soldiers leave the occupied land it still carries a silent virus killing thousands in the future. 30 min. A must see for everyone.

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