Unsolved Mysteries - Belgium UFO Wave (1991) (TVrip)

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Unsolved Mysteries - Belgium UFO Wave (1991) [DivX]

Postby greenphantom on Sun Apr 25, 2004 3:16 am


In 1989/90 Belgium experienced a "close encounter UFO flap" similar to the one experienced in the USA in and around Exeter, New Hampshire back in 1965, but this time with witnesses reporting triangular shaped platforms with a bright light at each apex and a red or orange light at the center instead of the inverted plate/cupola on top with rotating lights reported at Exeter.

What makes these cases more unique is the fact that in one case, the Belgium Air Force, NATO division, found itself chasing something that was totally beyond the curve of our own technology. The incident was observed by gendarmes on the ground below. The facts of that incident concerned them enough to bring it to the public's attention. Together, both they and the gendarmerie made a video in cooperation with the USA television show "Unsolved Mysteries." It included gun-camera footage from the incident, testimony by Major General W. J. L. De Brouwer, Chief of Operations of the Belgium Air Force, and aired in 1991.

[Belgian Air Force report] [More Info]

Source: TVRip
Language: English
Size: 97.6MB
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Runtime: 00:19:26

ed2k: Unsolved.Mysteries.Belgium.UFO.Wave.(1991).TVRip.DivX.avi  [97.69 Mb] [Stats]
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