Discovery Channel: UFO Retrieval (1999) (TVrip)

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Discovery Channel: UFO Retrieval (1999) (TVrip)

Postby spudthedestroyer on Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:33 am

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On July 4, 1947, something crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Initially, the military claimed the strange object – which had been tracked by radar at a high rate of speed performing impossible maneuvers – was in fact a "flying saucer." But only hours after this first report was released, the military recanted the story, claiming that what was found at the crash site was nothing more than a weather balloon. Since then, even the weather balloon story has been disputed by military brass who claim it was a cover story for the Air Force's top secret "Project Mogul" – and that the alien bodies reported to have been seen were merely rhesus monkeys in high-altitude suits.

So, what really happened at Roswell? Was the strange object really just a harmless weather balloon, a secret military aircraft...or, was it the most significant scientific finding in history?

Source: TVRip
Language: English
Subs: Swedish (hardcoded)
Filesize.....: 449 MB (or 460,510 KB or 471,562,240 bytes)
Runtime......: 00:53:54 (80,854 fr)
Video Codec..: DivX 4 (OpenDivX)
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Audio Bitrate: 355 kb/s (177/ch, stereo)
Frame Size...: 384x288 (1.33:1)

Discovery Channel - UFO Retrieval (Roswell documentary).avi
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