UFOs: The Hidden Truth (1993) (VCD) (TVrip)

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UFOs: The Hidden Truth (1993) (VCD) (TVrip)

Postby spudthedestroyer on Thu Jul 29, 2004 5:40 am

greenphantom wrote:Image

Space Travelers or Demonic Travelers?

Unidentified Flying Objects have been recorded in various forms since the creation of man: drawn crudely on Stone Age murals... chiseled in Egyptian stone... noted in the journals of ancients like Alexander the Great... even described in the ship's log of Columbus. Documented contacts number in the millions worldwide.

Just hours before he landed in the new world, Columbus made note of a bright object flying from the sky into the water and then exiting to return to the skies.

How should Christians view these growing evidences of contact from beyond... of sightings, face-to-face encounters, even alleged abductions?

Many photographs of UFO's remain unexplained. The modern era of "flying saucers" began on June 24, 1947, with Kenneth Arnold's sighting of nine UFO's over the Cascade Mountains.

This video contains a stunning catalog of actual photography, video, and eyewitness recordings. Hear startling scriptural evidence from scholars like Dave Hunt (The Archon Conspiracy) and I.D.E. Thomas (The Omega Conspiracy) which reveals the hidden truth about UFOs and the beings who operate them.

Video: VCD, 352x240, 1048kbps, 29.97fps
Audio: 224kbps
Size: 736MB
Duration: 1:13:46

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