Channel 4 : Universe (2000) (DVDrip)

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Channel 4 : Universe (2000) (DVDrip)

Postby Blade Runner on Mon Aug 09, 2004 11:27 am

Universe CH4 (2000)


Channel 4 Astronomy Documentary series in 4 parts.


Programme 1: Big Bang – Some 12 billion years ago, a gigantic explosion created not only the Universe, but space and time themselves. From that fireball were forged the seeds of everything that surrounds us today. The Big Bang has now moved from theory to science fact. But how will the Universe end? Many astronomers have assumed our fate will be a Big Crunch, as the Cosmos is pulled back together by the forces of some mysterious ‘dark matter’. But in the past year, fresh discoveries have led to a startling new prediction: the Universe is accelerating, and our fate will be to be left alone in a cold and empty void. Director: Mark Everest

Programme 2: Stars – Stars have shaped our past, and will forge our destiny. Life on Earth is under the control of our local star, the Sun, as magnificently revealed during an eclipse. When the Sun sneezes, the Earth is shaken. And when the Sun dies, the Earth will be destroyed. But more distant stars have an impact too. A star exploding as a supernova may wipe out vulnerable species on Earth, or mutate them into new living creatures. The aftermath of a supernova may be a super-magnetised pulsar, or even a black hole - the ultimate death-trap Director: Alex Hearle, Martin Gorst

Programme 3: Planets – Human kind is no longer a one-planet species. We’ve made ‘one small step’ on the first staging post to the Cosmos, the Moon and robot craft have explored almost every other planet – plus dozens of moons. And they are weirder worlds than dreamt of in any science fiction story. Venus is a hell-world of volcanoes, while Jupiter is all gas, and Saturn’s famous rings the debris of a cosmic traffic accident. In fact, collisions have played a major role in shaping the planets – the Moon itself is may be a fragment blasted off planet Earth. Writer: Nigel Henbest

Programme 4: Life – We’ve all seen aliens – in the movies at least. Now, hard scientific discoveries are making the case for extraterrestrials ever stronger. In our Solar System, warm oceans under the icy cover of Jupiter’s moon Europa look like an ideal abode for life. Further afield, astronomers – in just a few years – have found more planets circling other stars than there are in the Solar System. And the raw materials of life are common in the Cosmos. Astronomers pursuing SETI – the search for extraterrestrial intelligence – are increasingly hopeful of picking up that first interstellar message. Director: Alice Harper

Narrator: John Hurt

Technical Specs

Video Codec: DivX5
Video Bitrate: 1800kbps
Video Resolution: 640x480
Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Codec: MP3
Audio BitRate: 128 Kbps, 44100 Hz
Audio Channels: 2
RunTime Per Part: 49:58
Ripped by HankEvans

Universe[2000].1of4.Big Bang.DVDRip.HankE.avi
Universe[2000].4of4.Alien Life.DVDRip.HankE.avi

Enjoyed this so mutch that it deserves to be on the ed2k aswell :wink:

Thank you to HankE that posted this torrent on MVGroup :D

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