Marehito (1995)

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Marehito (1995)

Postby elguaxo on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:56 pm



Synopsis: A soldier, swaddled in body armor, guards the border of his country. This is not an area of tension; nothing warlike happens here; all that comes from across the border over in the enemy land are radio waves carrying the speeches of its leader, Marehito played by Hideyo Amamoto (Yojimbo, Kamen Rider). The soldier's only duty is to monitor these speeches, and he is sick to the teeth of the dictator's raving.

In his quarters is a female android, a 'comfort woman' issued him by the government. He lives quietly with his green-eyed ILYA Type 6, and is responsible for his desert border area. That is the whole of this soldier's life.

One day a military official pays a call on his quarters. There has been a shuffle of personnel in the high echelons, and a slight change in policy has been made. The ILYA Type 6 is to be upgraded.

Fantastically captured the theme of sexuality and politics by images comprehend severe tension and outlook overhang a bleak scene. -- Tokitoshi Shiota

IMDb: none

Directed by: Tomoya Sato

Tenkwaku Naniwa .... Boundary Guard
Yumi Mitani .... ILYA Type 6
Koichiro Mitsuda .... Official from Headquarters
Hideyo Amamoto .... Voice of Marehito

Code: Select all
               Title: Marehito (1995)
              Source: DVD / NTSC / Crippled Brothers Films
                Size: 586.660.806 bytes (1/8 DVDR)
             Runtime: 00:29:47
              Format: MKV

         Video Codec: H264 (x264 rev.1240M)
       Video Bitrate: 2368 kbps
          Resolution: 704x476 (displayed at 1.34 AR)
        Aspect Ratio: 1.34 (SAR: 10/11)
          Frame rate: 23.976 fps

         Audio Codec: AC3 (2 channels)
       Audio Bitrate: 256 kbps
       Sampling Rate: 48 KHz

            Language: Japanese
Subtitles (muxed in): SRT: English

                  SA: HP @ Level 4.1


Screenshots resized to displayed AR:

Encode (top) vs. Source (bottom):
NZB (a.b.asianusenet & a.b.m.x264 / 2009-08-30)
(30.07 KiB) Downloaded 165 times
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