Need help finding a good DigiCam

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Need help finding a good DigiCam

Postby mw2merc on Wed May 05, 2004 10:00 pm

I'm looking for a good DigiCam that can be configured. I want either DVDR or MiniDV media types, unless it can support USB or FireWire output. For configuring I'd like to be able to set a specific resolution, compression, & audio settings.

Yeah yeah, I know I'm asking alot, but ... it's waht I'm looking for.
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Postby spudthedestroyer on Wed May 05, 2004 10:06 pm

DV cameras don't have much options regarding compression. You get an uncompressed DV avi (well technically not 'uncompressed' but pretty much) and you transfer it to your pc and do with it what you wish. I might be wrong but that's how I think it works... is how my DV bridge works.

I'm a bit skeptical of the moving parts, DVDR cameras myself, I'd have thought DV is simply the best way to go about it, but I can't really comment.. not owning a camera and all.

I would like to hear the same answers though :)
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