Stargate S8 (1997-19??)(DVDR)

Quality VCD and DVDr rips only please. Namely from a non-screener DVD source. Please state any re-encoding methods, particulary for DVDr

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Stargate S8 (1997-19??)(DVDR)

Postby d0c on Mon Oct 10, 2005 11:42 am

Stargate Season 8 DVDRIP


More Info
Stargate SG-1 @
Stargate SG-1 @

This is all of season 8 on 2 DVD's
DVD1 = First 10 eps
DVD2 = Next 10 eps
Video: DVDRIPS downloaded and re-encoded to 576x352 PAL
video compressed using my own compression method (simlar to a KDVD)
2pass re-encode to custom DVD template Bitrate: 1200's
Audio: Original mp3 files reencoded to mp2s Bitrate: 128
Format: the files are the original VOB's Rared down to save a few MB's
Audio Languages: English only
Subs: None
Menus: Simple Custom Menus
Extras: None
Covers: None provided at this time

Links + AICH
ed2k: Stargate.S8.D1[MEDlings].rar  [3.98 Gb] [Stats]
ed2k: Stargate.S8.D2[MEDlings].rar  [3.97 Gb] [Stats]

Disc 1 Source Check on Razorback
Disc 2 Source Check on Razorback

Thanks to MEDlings for the rip and released....

[ Add all 2 links to your ed2k client ]
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