Encino Man (1992)(SVCD)

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Encino Man (1992)(SVCD)

Postby d0c on Mon Oct 10, 2005 2:39 pm


Fraser plays an unfrozen caveman discovered by a pair of California high school outcasts (Shore and Astin). As the grunting newcomer becomes popular with the other kids, Shore and Astin try to bask in his reflected glow. Fraser, beginning a long movie career playing cartoonish goofballs, works entirely on instinct and earns his laughs. Shore, however, relies on his familiar verbal shtick, and Astin makes a great overgrown puppy pining after a lost girlfriend.

Ripper: Team Fastchef
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Comedy
Video Codec: SVCD
Runtime: 88 Min
Video Format: NTSC
Video Bitrate: Min: 700 / Max: 2590 / Avg: 1067
Audio Format: 160kbps Stereo
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 encoded as 4:3
Frame Size: 480 X 480

ed2k: Encino.Man.1992.SVCD.Team-Fastchef.SVCDPlaza.mpg  [794.86 Mb] [Stats]
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