News Moderators/Submitters Wanted

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News Moderators/Submitters Wanted

Postby spudthedestroyer on Sat Mar 18, 2006 10:31 pm

spudthedestroyer wrote:As you might have noticed adding news to the frontpage isn't exactly speedy and normally comes from just entries I add.

Therefore, I'm offering the chance for anyone to be a news moderator for the frontpage if they want to be. its a simple matter of filling in the boxes and posting a news article.

The news is split down into:
  • Site News - Reserved for administrative news
  • P2P News - Lawsuits, mpaa/riaa actions, copyright protection, new networks, etc.
  • Horror News - Anything genre related
  • Movie News - Wider movie news
  • Games News - Anything to do with games or gaming.

A news submitter has access to all of these.

Related Link and Link Text refers to the source of any news article, intro allows for your comments, quote is a copy of the article and the comment is a detailed 2 cents on the news if you wish to give it.

So if you browse news sites and would like to help out hhah in some way, you can do so by applying to be a frontpage news submitter :)

PM me if you wish to add news articles

Details on adding:
Frontpage Feature Guide wrote:Login
Same username and password as the forums.

Mod Block
This lists your options, most of you will probably only be bothered about adding movies which is the third option down. The ModCP is underconstruction, atm it is merely a way to verify weblinks. Submit News you probably won't want to use but that's for submitting news articles and info. "Submit a" allows movies, games and series to be added.

Submit News
This is the panel i use to add news articles to the frontpage, feel free to use it if you so desire. It uses bbcode, so its just like a forum post. Top block is mandatory, it allows for an introduction to the news, down a bit is the quote, this is where you copy and paste the link. The last box is just somewhere for some extra info or summary. The url box requires the url of the news and the text, although not needed, allows you to name the site it came from if you can be bothered. There's a few areas you can post to, site is reserved for site news (ie. admin), the movies is non-horror news, games is anything to do with gaming, and horror is to do with anything in the genre.

If its wanted, i guess a scifi topic can also be added, however if you want to help out pm me :)
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