Desert Punk (2004)

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Desert Punk (2004)

Postby digitalgodd on Tue Jul 03, 2007 3:05 am

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TV Series


The Desert Punk, the Demon of the Desert, the Kanto Desert's Number One Mercenary, Sunabozu is the pint-sized protagonist of this series. Desert Punk is the "hero" only because he's the lead character. Chasing after women and money are his entire life and he intends to get both through being the best mercenary, do-any-job handyman in post-apocalyptic Japan.

There are 6 volumes in this set. Each volume consists of three 22 minute episodes that run together. All episodes are from the uncut box set.

Region 1 DVDrip
English Dubbed

Vol 1:Enter the Desert-1 hour 36 mins
ed2k: Desert%20Punk%20Vol%201.avi  [696.91 Mb] [Stats]

Vol 2:The Desert Duo-1 hour 36 mins
ed2k: Desert%20Punk%20Vol%202.avi  [696.92 Mb] [Stats]

Vol 3:Vixen of the Desert-1 hour 36 mins
ed2k: Desert%20Punk%20Vol%203.avi  [696.93 Mb] [Stats]

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Postby potmunky on Thu Jul 05, 2007 8:26 pm

"Obsessing over jobs gets him nearly killed several times, such as obsessing over destroying a tank so much that he attacks with with nothing but a knife after several failed attempts"
"Orphans are sold and toilets are blown up, but hey"
from IMDB.#
Oh, and;
"This is going to be a great show but purists (give it a rest) and kids beware. Desert Punk isn’t so much dubbed as “reversionedâ€
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