Odyssey 5 (2002)

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Odyssey 5 (2002)

Postby racine on Thu Nov 15, 2007 3:24 pm

Airs Next: Showtime at Friday 10:00 PM (45 min.)
Status: Ended   
Premiered: June 1, 2002   
Last Aired: September 1, 2002
Show Categories: Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure

"We saw the Earth destroyed, and in a heartbeat everything and everyone we knew was gone. There were five of us, the crew of the space shuttle Odyssey and we were the only survivors. A mysterious being who called himself The Seeker rescued us and sent us back in time. And now we have five years to live over, five years to discover who or what destroyed the Earth, five years to stop it from happening again..."


GSpot v2.5b8 avi file details:
Filename.........: odyssey.5.s01e01.e02.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi
Filesize.....: 733,966,336 bytes
Runtime......: 01:32:02 (138051 frames)
Video Codec..: XviD (B-VOP//)
Video Bitrate: 928 kbps
Aspect Ratio.: 624x352 (1.773) [=39:22]
Framerate....: 25.000 fps
Audio Codec..: 0x0055(MP3, ISO) MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate: 126kbps 2ch VBR 48000Hz
Language.....: English

ed2k: odyssey.5.Season1.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.english-subs.rar  [400.7 Kb] [Stats]

ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e01.e02.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [699.96 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e03.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.99 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e04.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e05.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e06.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.99 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e07.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e08.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [350.02 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e09.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e10.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e11.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e12.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.95 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e13.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e14.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e15.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e16.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.99 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e17.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e18.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.97 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e19.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.98 Mb] [Stats]
ed2k: odyssey.5.s01e20.ws.dvdrip.xvid-bia.avi  [349.97 Mb] [Stats]

Thanks to ferfrance and StormShadow.

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Postby ScarletJester on Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:09 am

If you haven't seen this you really should, because:

a) Its up there as one of my top 5 sci-fi TV series with Firefly, Farscape, Space: Above & Beyond and Battlestar Galactica.
b) Its got naked people in it.
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Postby racine on Wed Nov 28, 2007 11:33 am

Too bad it was cancelled.
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