Rules - Read before posting

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Rules - Read before posting

Postby spudthedestroyer on Mon Apr 19, 2004 7:36 am

  • Releases only here please!
  • Please try and group episodes under a single thread, ie. entire series
  • The perfect title is something along the lines of:
    Series Tiles (Seasons 1-6)
    If there's some important info you think needs mentioning in the topic, add it after
  • Please mention the source of the rip in the message body
  • No need for REL: tags if you come from a board that does it
  • In topic title, don't use all upper case
  • Try and post
  • No horror series should be posted here, please post at

spudthedestroyer wrote:Rip information:
Very important information, so people know exactly what to expect.
The best tool to give you the information is called gspot, and is very simple to use. Download it using the following link ... etit&lid=5

spudthedestroyer wrote:Screenshots say a thousand words
If you could provide screenshots of the rip, they say a lot of what is in store quality wise.

For those that don't know how to take screenshots, I'll post a short guide, for those that don't have any webspace, you can upload images to a temp. image store here:

You will need nandub, virtualdub or preferably virtualdubmod to take pictures, and some paint app (Paint shop pro is great for this). Load up your avi in the program. Use the navigation bar along the bottom and scroll to a random point, preferably some high motion points of the movie, then go to video>copy source frame to clipboard (this maybe under edit in virtualdubmod). Now load up your paint app and paste. Repeat two to six times so you have a range of shots. Save them as jpgs, naming them something like ripname1.jpg. Finally, navigate to:
Use the browse button and upload your files.

To post the images, use:
Code: Select all
<img src="">

You can of course use your own webspace, provided it allows remote linking. Most freehosts don't.

Remember, only verified movies go in this section. Please try post specs if you can. A simple and quick way of getting specs can be found in the FAQ here:
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