Ultimate Quake (1996) (OpenGL)

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Ultimate Quake (1996) (OpenGL)

Postby spudthedestroyer on Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:25 am

<table bgcolor="#000000" width="900"><tr><td align="center">Ultimate Quake (1996) (OpenGL)

<img src="http://www.bmezine.com/tattoo/A21104/high/znj4fi52.jpg" height="200"></td><tr><tr><td><table><tr><td valign="top" bgcolor="#000000" border="1">
This is all the fun of the original updated and remade for use on a new pc. This pack is an excellent compilation that includes the game itself, three alternative engines for playing which add different advantages such as graphical effects and what not. This pack also includes lots of bonuses and extras, including the official mission pack addons, and several mods such as Quake Rally.

Minimum Requirements:
You just need an OpenGL compatible graphics chip, on or offboard and you should be alright.

Tenebrae Engine
The following engine is not included in this pack, but a small download will add much more advanced lighting and effects to the game. Game engines are just which .exe you use and can be used in conjunction with any mods or what not.

Tenebrae is a modification of the quake source that adds stencil shadows and per pixel lights to quake. Stencil shadows allow for realistic shadow effects on every object in the game world. Per pixel lighting allows you to have fine surface details correctly lit. These are essentially the same algorithms as used by the new Doom game.

Minimum Requirements:
PIII 600
64 Mb RAM
Geforce or Radeon card

Tip - +mlook at the console, unless your a console newbie.

Cheats - If you don't know these off by heart then you should be cast into a pit.
` - bring down console
god - God Mode
impulse 9 - Give Everything
give x - Give weapon allocated to x
noclip - No clipping
notarget - Enemies Ignore you
fly - Turns on/off Gravity
map e#m# - Warp to episode # map #
map end - Last level

Download Ed2k:
ed2k: Ultimate.Quake.1.With.Opengl.Engines,.Missionpacks.&.Mods.nrg  [701.87 Mb] [Stats]

Download Additional Tenebrae Engine
Download here

Screens - resized down
Quake - GL
<img src="http://img407.imageshack.us/img407/7297/quake10ic.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/8997/quake26dp.jpg" width="350">

Xmen Mod
<img src="http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/9360/quakexmen13se.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img434.imageshack.us/img434/1615/quakexmen29fg.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/4469/quakexmen42qo.jpg" width="350">

</td><td bgcolor="#000000" border="1">Screens - resized down
<img src="http://img166.imageshack.us/img166/2121/quakebots15qp.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/7605/quakebots22tv.jpg" width="350">

Tenebrae Engine Screens
<img src="http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/5880/quaket16bq.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/1737/quaket25rk.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/7580/quaket36rc.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/8615/quaket42ss.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img330.imageshack.us/img330/6990/quaket63vu.jpg" width="350">
<img src="http://img330.imageshack.us/img330/1787/quaket74ig.jpg" width="350">
</td></tr><tr><td align="center" bgcolor="#000000">
Bonus Screen :)
<img src="http://img334.imageshack.us/img334/599/quakes14ez.jpg" width="350">
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Postby spudthedestroyer on Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:35 pm

Just a note, the latest Darkplaces engine is a lot more customisable and I found a lot more favourable over this older version (compiled binaries are 3 times the size so you know there's changes :lol:)

Dark Places - 666 Version
Binaries (Requires Quake data still, see first post)
Win32/Linux Src

http://www.icculus.org/twilight/darkpla ... nload.html

Pop the binary in your quake install folder.
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