Two Worlds (2007) (PC) (DVD)

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Two Worlds (2007) (PC) (DVD)

Postby spudthedestroyer on Thu May 24, 2007 10:11 pm

Two Worlds-Razor1911



Game Notes
Two Worlds combines the extremely dynamic and sophisticated combat system
with the meaning and freedom of exploration exceeding the accomplishments of
other games of the genre. A top quality Role Playing experience - the
ultimate goal of the Two Worlds project is to deliver a superior Role
Playing Game to the PC and Xbox 360 market where players have a real chance
to shape the game world with their actions - to an extent that has yet to
seen in other productions. This premise will be supported with a strong,
non-linear storyline, mind blowing graphics, and stunning combat sequences.
To attract the mass audience, the complexity of the game will be achieved
mainly through a variety of meaningful choices while the User Interface will
be simplified.

This game include french, german and english language, only dvd1 is needed
for the english install. Dvd2 also contains lots of extras!

Basic Requirements

* CPU with 2 GHz
* 512 MB RAM
* Windows Vista or XP
* Graphics card with Shader 2.0 or higher
* DirectX compatible sound card
* DVD-Rom
* Keyboard, mouse

³ Razor 1911 proudly presents: ³
³ Two Worlds ³
³ (C) South Peak Interactive ³
³ Date: 2007-05-09 ³ Game Type : Role Playing ³
³ Size: 2 DVDs ³ Protection: Activation ³
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