Star Wolves (2005)

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Star Wolves (2005)

Postby Macabria on Fri Jan 25, 2008 10:15 pm


Star Wolves, a 3-D space RPG developed by Russian developer X-Bow Software, thrusts you into the 22nd century where danger lurks behind every asteroid and rogue comet. The Star Wolves are a renegade breed of freelance bounty hunters who join forces to survive and prosper in a time when space has never been more dangerous.

The 22nd century is a time of war and political upheaval throughout a galaxy where three gigantic corporations control the entire solar system. Corruption is rife and the only place a man can feel slightly safer is in the skies where the crippling fists of the corporations' oppression can be challenged.


* Awesome 3D real-time battle system
* Original blend of tactical and action game play
* Variety of mission objectives including stealth, scouting, assault plus hit-and-run
* Non-linear storyline and gameplay
* Secondary and secret quests along with primary missions
* Over 25 space fighters
* Over 40 missions
* A choice of 8 male and female characters to form your squad
* Original RPG system

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