Area51 Satellite Photos

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Area51 Satellite Photos

Postby <insert> on Wed Jan 12, 2005 12:36 am

Area51 Satellite Photos
Here's 34 satellite images of Area51 anyone whos interested in this kind of stuff. Most are bitmaps, but there are a few jpegs as well. different sizes. enjoy :)


"A Brief History of and Area 51
On April 17, 2000, released the first ever high-resolution satellite images of Area 51, Groom Lake, Nellis Air Force base, and the Nevada Proving Grounds to the general public. The 2-meter resolution panchromatic images were captured on March 15, 1998 by the Russian Kometa satellite. The release of these images to the public brought national attention to, and was the lead story by many news outlets including the CBS Evening News. The resulting increase in Internet traffic was enough to bring down a major Internet provider for over 12 hours."

from the Federation of American Scientists:
"In early February 2000 it was publicly reported that FAS had tasked SpaceImaging to provide imagery of Area 51. It would appear that the decision of Aerial Images to provide Russian imagery of Area 51 through the TerraServer implementation was driven in some measure by an awareness of the probable public interest in such imagery, and the possibility of regaining mind-share from SpaceImaging. It cannot escape notice that SpaceImaging provided the long-awaited IKONOS imagery a few hours after the debut of Area 51 on TerraServer [some two weeks after the image was actually acquired]."
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