Hackers on Planet Earth (2002)

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Hackers on Planet Earth (2002)

Postby <insert> on Thu Feb 24, 2005 10:41 pm

Hackers on Planet Earth (2002)

A small selection of real fine speeches from the hacker meeting h2k2 in New York 2002.

More info & direct downloads

Zip Contians:

01. Abuse of Authority.mp3 [47:03]
02. Black Hat Bloc or How I Stopped Worrying About Corporations and Learned to Love the Hacker Class War.mp3 [46:15]
03. Freedom - File Not Found.mp3 [57:54]
04. Hacking National Intelligence 1.mp3 [1:02:47]
05. Hacking National Intelligence 2.mp3 [1:02:32]
06. Hacking National Intelligence 3.mp3 [1:02:45]
07. Magic Lantern and Other Evil Things.mp3 [51:35]
08. Magical Gadgets - The Profound Impact of Yesterdays Not-So-Trivial Electronics on Our Digital World.mp3 [47:51]
09. Negativland - Past, Present, Future 1.mp3 [57:38]
10. Negativland - Past, Present, Future 2.mp3 [45:13]
11. Steganography - Wild Rumors and Practical Applications.mp3 [46:08]
12. Teaching Hacker Ethics with a Common Curriculum.mp3 [54:34]
13. Technomanifestos - Visions of the Information Revolutionaries.mp3 [48:09]
14. The Argument Against Security Through Obscurity for the Non-Digital World.mp3 [49:56]
15. The Conscience of a Hacker.mp3 [28:46]
16. The Shape of the Internet - Influence and Consequence.mp3 [51:56]

ed2k: h2k2.zip

Files are in low quality though, but listenable for a speech

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