(Medicine)Bearden-AIDS-Biological warfare(1988)

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(Medicine)Bearden-AIDS-Biological warfare(1988)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:52 pm

Dr. Bearden's shocking book AIDS - Biological warfare (published in 1988) openly confronts the reader of the sad but true fact that AIDS disease was nothing else than the use of disguised biological warfare. While the vaccination connection has already being describen in many other books, Bearden focuses his entire book on how to develop and implement the medical treatment using electromagnetic means rather as useless tablets of today. This book represents a biological extension of his book Fer de lance and readers already acquinted with the extended physics presented inside it will find the topics discussed very familiar. Again a full survey and an "idiot's guide" to the much extended physics is being presented and its principles are being laid out in simple and understandable form. Since it is being modelled as an unified field theory of electromagnetism and gravitation in the form of Kaluza-Klein theory, many of before impossible things come readily into play and can be engineered, including electrogravitic propulsion devices, providing transportational ways of the future. After reader's introduction to physics, extraordinary biology is being openly presented. Included are some unbelievable medical discoveries which have been either ridiculed or supressed. While the author attempts to give a basic explanation of how these processes work you'll be shocked of what kind of technology has already been invented decades ago and mercifully shoveled into the ground. Also some original patent texts and schematics are added and a overview is given of frenchman Priore of his pioneer treatment devices using electromagnetic radiation to cure cancers and other diseases. Hopefully an attempt will be made soon to use this radical but successful means of treatment as recommended by dr. Strecker who came to the conclusion that AIDS can only be cured by electromagnetic radiation devices and that no tablet will ever cure it no matter how magical it may be.

Table of contents: http://www.cheniere.org/books/aids/index.html

ed2k: Bearden.-.AIDS.-.Biological.warfare.(1988,.www.cheniere.org).zip  [21.36 Mb] [Stats]

Bearden's video commentary on the book:
ed2k: AIDS.as.Biological.Warfare.-.A.Possible.Electromagnetic.Solution.(Tom.Bearden).avi  [163.99 Mb] [Stats]

Video lecture (Real player stream) of dr. Strecker, giving you a basic insight of how AIDS got dispersed, how it functions and evolves (a must see for everybody):
ed2k: strecker.memorandum.-.aids.is.manmade.rm  [18.83 Mb] [Stats]

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