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(Physics)Bearden-Energy from vacuum-concepts and principles(

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:53 pm

Dr. Bearden's latest masterpiece Energy from vacuum: Concepts and principles (released in 2002) and a book of epic proportions contains a wealth of knowledge which cannot be swallowed in one day (but a month should do it). This scientific/technical book is an all-in-one package about free energy physics, overunity devices, inventors and history of physics itself. It gives you undenaiable scientific facts for your better understanding of the universe and physical phenomena which can be used to run your overunity devices. This book is as good as it gets because it contains an incredibly broad account of history and up to date research into overunity devices and much much more. It's just unbelievable how much knowledge has been accumulated in dr. Bearden's 30 years of research. This book isn't a cookbook on how many eggs you need to make yourself an overunity device such as MEG although it gives a detailed look on its functions and also explains numerous other similar devices. It's written on a much higher understanding level as it gives you the real physics behind them. You will read about ignorant scientists in the past, ignorant scientists in the present (as history likes to repeat itself) and a wealth of suppressed inventions. It will shock you when you'll hear how the broad roots of physics have been limited, rationalized and reduced to "physics" we use and learn today. This ignorance of scientific community and suppression factors have made an unbelivable thick cloud of darkness which hides the real origins of physics. They have made us all soldiers of this army of ignorance supporting this flawed physics which was proven to be incorrect for thousand times and counting. It seems that physics has become so compartmentalized that certain areas of it are years in the future while others (like thermodynamics, mechanics) are still centuries in the past. In this book many of incredible errors will be exposed and corrected before your very eyes. Newest and old (but still unaccounted in our textbooks) findings from quantum mechanics, particle physics and general relativity will be incorporated to solve many of present problems including the physics behind overunity devices. You will be shocked when you will recognize that our school textbooks (all of them) give a completely false description on many highly important phenomena which constitute the roots of physics and of our understanding of the universe. Although the book isn't as nearly as easy to read, you'll be suprised on the author's skills to explain difficult matter to a "casual" reader. I you think that this book contains a bullshit of equations you are here on a surprise ride as author's years of experience will give you an elegant and understandable explanations on many heavy problems in today's physics. Some of those problems will even be resolved for the first time by the author himself. Do yourself a favour and try to read the book in whole as you'll also get some notion of cold fusion and practical antigravity which can be made using electromagnetic equipment (electrogravitic propulsion system).

Using knowledge contained in this book you will begin to think differently on today's energy problem. From now on you'll see that all our energy problems can be resolved fully by directly using the energy from active vacuum. As the author prooves beyond any shadow of doubth we have been using it all along (as it is the only source for energy) but we weren't aware of its huge potential. You'll see what errors have our electrical engineers done with their circuits which disabled them to suck this energy endlessly. You'll learn in numerous examples how to correct those errors and make selfpowering circuits as Tesla made them nearly a century ago. All of today's fossil fuel and other pollutants will become obsolete as you finish reading the book. Only by sticking yourself to long-proven-to-be-false physics you won't be able to use this knowledge and will remain in this army of ignorance. All the energy monopoles and other richboys will just love it as you'll be denying yourself that these devices even exist. By opening your mind you'll get yourself a decent chance to be energy independent. Just add your energy costs together and you'll see for yourself what you'll be saving as for now on your energy bills will be as zero as you want them to be.

A quick look at the table of contents should convince you that this author really did his homework:

Please share this book on many P2P networks and put a release post on other release forums as I don't know many of them. Inform your friends, colleauges, professors and just about any person about the knowledge contained in this book as it might prove to be invaluable for their future. Especially make additional effort to inform college and other professors so they will see for themselves what physics they are teaching and what physics they should be teaching. So hopefully the next generations will get a better physics into their hands and not a limited version which we have been getting in all our long school years.
If you'll post the release on other forums please notice me or reply to this message so I'll be able to track where this has been posted.

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