(Military physics)Bearden-Fer de lance 2nd Edn (scalar EM we

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(Military physics)Bearden-Fer de lance 2nd Edn (scalar EM we

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:54 pm

Dr. Bearden's updated book Fer de lance: Briefing on Soviet scalar electromagnetic weapons (first released in 1986, updated in 2002) gives the reader an amazing insight in today's most terrifying weapons man has ever created. It tells the story about Soviet super secret developement of scalar EM weapons (inside the energetics project) also nicknamed Tesla weapons. After reading this book you'll be shocked to recognize that all these nuclear superweapons aren't so super anymore since they have been completely obsolete for several decades (together with all of currently known classical warfare). You will begin to look differently at recent events such as many new agreements of nuclear weapons reduction being signed. While the media will be reporting: "Finally, our leaders have come to their senses...", you will know that their only intention behind those agreements is just to get rid of all the old trash.
The book provides you with analyses of many incidents of those weapons being used on military and civil targets. They can even produce weather changes and shake you a little bit. And while most of us just think that this is just our violent nature striking back, Bearden makes a compelling case proving otherwise - that many events were actual scalar EM weapons usage. The use of these weapons is nearly unlimited since they can penetrate everything (nowhere to hide) and have an instantaneous effect (waves instead missiles).
As in his other books you will again be confronted with a little different and more exotic physics but Bearden tries to do his best to explain it to a "common" reader since it is not being taught in any school. Physics will be explained together with many strategic usage of weapons while you'll be using your imagination gained from Star Trek movies and alike to understand it.
What is probably the most remarkable thing to be gained from this book is the use of this new and exciting physics of scalar longitudinal EM waves in healing purposes. All our biology and medical textbooks will have to be rewritten since our body and all its parts are already using these waves to do everyday functioning including healing / regenerating.
Perhaps the threat from those weapons will finally motivate enough people (including our teaching establishment) to begin learning this new (actually old but forgotten or supressed) physics since it has been highly weaponized, currently at its peek as the quantum potential weapons. Many defensive measures (like Tesla shield) are describen in the book so we aren't so helpless afterall. Also many novel uses of it for communication purposes (including what can only be called Tesla hacking) and offcourse their use for biomedical purposes (in negative and positive ways).

Table of contents: http://www.cheniere.org/books/ferdelance/tocfdl2.htm

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Bearden's video lecture on same topic:
ed2k: Secret.Superweapons.that.Drive.Disarmament.Negotiations.(Tom.Bearden).avi  [363.45 Mb] [Stats]

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