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Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:54 pm

Dr. Bearden's short but far reaching book Gravitobiology - A new biophysics (published in 1991) gives the reader an insight in a new and exciting branch of biophysics called electrogravitobiology or short gravitobiology. Using unified theories of electromagnetics and gravitation author tries to explain not only the (extended) functioning of living biological systems but also how these came into existence and their evolutionary path. It provides a dramatic extension of current photobiology which describes the biologic systems as being composed and function on electromagnetic basis. It provides a much more broader look on all biological systems showing that they are much more richer in nature. With such a system in place one now can understand the functioning of a living system more fully and intimately and also engineer it at will. This directly implies brand new ways to alter living cells in any way desired, opening way to alternative healing methods which can readily replace our tablet based medicine. The knowledge can be used to either heal us or to destroy us with already developed weapons to do it.
Some quotes from the beginning of the book:

Gravitobiology is the application of a unified field theory conception of electromagnetics (EM) and gravitation (G) to the total energetics exchanges (1) between a living organism and its external environment (interexchanges) and (2) inside the living organism and between, within, and among its parts and its whole (intra-exchanges).

Gravitobiology drastically changes the present reductionist view of photobiology, where the whole is simply the sum of its parts, and the superposition principle rigorously holds. In photobiology (and, in general, in ordinary physics), one specifies the externalized field/matter exchange on, between, and amongst the parts. Then it is assumed that one has specified the total action of the whole. On the other hand, in gravitobiology reductionism and superposition are only pale shadows of the total biological truth. Now one approaches a completely holographic situation: The part exchanges with and conditions the whole, and the whole exchanges with and conditions the part.

ed2k: Bearden.-.Gravitobiology.-.A.new.biophysics.(1991,.www.cheniere.org).zip  [2.29 Mb] [Stats]

From the annex of the book 3 papers are excluded and are posted individually:
Interview with Bearden by Megabrain magazine (already posted in previous posts):

Both original Whittaker papers (published in 1903 and 1904) being intensly used by Bearden (some hardcore math inside):
ed2k: Whittaker.E.T..-.On.the.Partial.Differential.Equations.of.Mathematical.Physics.zip  [754.0 Kb] [Stats]
ed2k: Whittaker.E.T..-.On.an.Expression.of.the.Electromagnetic.Field.due.to.Electrons.b...al.Functions.zip  [42.1 Kb] [Stats]

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