(Physics)Documents about antigravity research

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(Physics)Documents about antigravity research

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:05 pm

The files are taken from www.aeronautics.ru where they can be dl as a single big file (around 40 mb). I've only extracted 2 full books from the big file and put them in a separate file. Also the PDFs are additionaly compressed so the whole thing is a little smaller to dl.

Collection of reports on electrogravitic research from various companies etc. (also some Townsend Brown's patents):
ed2k: Electrogravitics.systems.-.reports.on.a.new.propulsion.methodology.zip  [2.91 Mb] [Stats]

And the rest is a big collection of many scientific papers and excerpts of webpages dealing with electrogravitic/antigravity research (over 800 pages):
ed2k: Collection.of.papers.on.antigravity.research.zip  [19.91 Mb] [Stats]

Additional US Army report:
ed2k: Force.on.an.Asymmetric.Capacitor.(US.Army.report.ARL-TR-3005).pdf  [1.53 Mb] [Stats]

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