Roach - The physics of a flying saucer (1997)

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Roach - The physics of a flying saucer (1997)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:13 pm

This small booklet from Ted Roach, an Australian civil engineer, demonstrates how all physical fields can be represented by their corresponding time fields, an interesting proposal on how to unite them into one single unified theory.

From a web review:
THE PHYSICS OF A FLYING SAUCER explains the physics of flying saucers and the formulae that can be used for their design. It explains why flying saucers are silent, how they can hover and how they travel far faster and out-manoeuver any known military aircraft. It outlines the physics of space craft that can travel anywhere in the universe in a few seconds. It explains the reasons why some UFOs look like "saucers" and others, very large and football shaped. It explains how gravitational, electric and magnetic fields are dimensional time fields, and unifies them.
This book explains the physics behind the `Philadelphia Experiment` in which the US Navy during World War 2, with the help of Albert Einstein, made a Navy ship disappear. It also outlines how Noah`s Ark was probably an advanced spaceship. It concludes that the Earth has been visited for thousands of years by aliens from other worlds in their `mother ships` using `flying saucers` for localised travel.

ed2k: Roach.-.The.physics.of.a.flying.saucer.(1997).pdf  [437.9 Kb] [Stats]
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