(ancient history) Sitchin - Genesis Revisited (1990)

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(ancient history) Sitchin - Genesis Revisited (1990)

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Nov 16, 2005 10:15 pm

This is Zecharia Sitchin's amazing book Genesis Revisited - Is Modern Science Catching Up With Ancient Knowledge? (1990) which uncovers startling evidence that the ancients might have already posessed just about all knowledge we think of as modern. Are we merely rediscovering atomic energy, space travel, biogenetics etc., knowledge of the Gods, which was in some occasions even presented and explained to mortal people (to Adam, Elmo, Lamech..) but was mostly exclusive proper of the Gods, but was detailed and written by the scribes and is also preserved in the Bible, although it is only a representation of its original form. It is a fact the creation account of Genesis, the Flood account and the tower of Babel and other accounts in Genesis are downsized versions of their ancenstors accounts from Mesopotamia. It's foolish to assume that all of the ancient myths are just stoies for fantasy and not early means attempt at jouranalistic reporting. Sitchin also proves what Christians have been saying for years, there is some science in the Bible. A fascinating journey to our ancient history with implications of a possible extraterrestrial influence on our planet. 310 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.
Note: The original scanner of this book seems to forgot to include the last 18 pages (312-330), if you happen to have the book in paper format, please scan/add the remaining pages and release the completed version.

From the backcover:
Space travel...Genetic engineering...Computer science... Astounding achievements as new as tomorrow. But stunning recent evidence proves that these ultramodern advances were known to our forefathers millions of yesterdays ago... as early as 3,000 years before the birth of Christ! In this remarkable companion volume to his landmark EARTH CHRONICLES series, author Zecharia Sitchin reexamines the teachings of the ancients in the light of mankind's latest scientific discoveries â€
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