Self-organizing Flow Technology-In Schauberger's Footsteps

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Self-organizing Flow Technology-In Schauberger's Footsteps

Postby red_gonzo on Thu Mar 30, 2006 10:55 am

This is the fascinating book Self-organizing Flow Technology - In Viktor Schauberger's Footsteps (2002), published by several authors from Institute of Ecological Technology in Sweden, which tries to evolve a new perspective on the ideas of the Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger, with the aid of concepts from modern research into chaotic and self-organizing systems. Schauberger, a famous austrian natural philosopher, predicted the ecological catastrophes which are occuring all around us and proposed the solution - return to the principles of mother nature. The focus of the report is on modelling. With the aid of concepts like self-organization, free and forced vortex flow, chaotic pulsation, mathematical bifurcations and minimal surfaces, and with flow images like “handkerchief dynamicsâ€
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