Eisen - Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries (2001)

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Eisen - Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries (2001)

Postby red_gonzo on Sun Jun 25, 2006 1:23 pm

This is Jonathan Eisen's explosive book Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries - True Stories of Suppression, Scientific Cover-Ups, Misinformation and Brilliant Breakthroughs (2001) which exposes the hidden history of major suppressions scientific inventions and many other discoveries which could literally revolutionize and change our entire lives - to the better offcourse. The editor invited many other researchers to join efforts and reveal to the world the often shocking tales behind (too) many rumors of corporate greed, scientific ignorance and quest for political dominance which always results in suppression, ridiculing and even assassination of the few individuals who actually invented something useful for this civilization. While the majority of people blindly believe that our political, bussiness and academic leaders always act in our best interest the actual truth is quite the opposite. Completely documented with verifiable sources this fascinating book uncovers dozens of cases where clear intent to force the world to stay in its present state of (non)development has been not only planned but sadly also achieved. Eisen makes a convincing case that cures for cancer and alternative energy devices are being suppressed and have been so for many decades. Stories of genius scientists and engineers who suspiciously die shortly after they make a breakthrough invention are today quite common even in mainstream press. As you will find out we have been artificially kept in the dark from almost unbelievable but still very real technological discoveries which could shift the power concentration from the handful of tyrannical elites to the common people who are today in desperate need for that knowledge. A book not to be missed by anyone who wishes to know more about the world of forbidden technologies, how they have been kept from us and how they will impact our world once they will be fully revealed and implemented in our daily lives. 550 pages, some pictures. A must read for everyone.

From back cover:
A scientist with a revolutionary cure for AIDS is incarcerated without explanation. Valuable artifacts are mysteriously misplaced by a prominent archaeological institution. Three celebrated astronauts perish in a suspicious fire after voicing their criticism of the US space program. Yet our world's most powerful agencies hastily dispel these alarming reports as conspiracy theories, and bury them in padlocked archives. The fact is that a suppression syndrome exists in our society. Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries exposes the startling degree of truth behind the rumors.
Jonathan Eisen has collected over forty intriguing stories of scientific cover-ups and programs of misinformation concocted to conceal some of the most phenomenal innovations in mankind's history. These no-holds-barred accounts force us to confront the naiveteâ€
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