Heiser-The Facade (ancient aliens visitation hoax) (2001)

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Heiser-The Facade (ancient aliens visitation hoax) (2001)

Postby red_gonzo on Sat Jul 22, 2006 1:08 pm

This is Michael S Heiser's amazing fact-disguised-as-fiction novel The Facade (2001) which exposes the unbelievable hoax that in ancient times some aliens from other galaxies visited our planet and performed genetic manipulations on living creatures and in the process also created the human species - a story being perpetrated by many authors today and blindly believed by millions. The plot of The Facade is driven by the fate of a team of scholars recruited for an Above-Top-Secret project against their will by a cabal of military insiders known only as "The Group." To gain the team's trust, the Group authorizes successive levels of disclosure to astonishing technologies, shocking alien artifacts, and documents which chronicle the clandestine history of the United States government's knowledge of UFOs - including Operation Paperclip, a secret program that recruited Nazi scientists for their technical knowledge. Nevertheless, it soon becomes apparent that nothing is what it seems. The Facade follows the team as they unpeel layer after layer of deception, uncovering a shocking revelation that will alter mankind's self-understanding forever - if they can discern which lie to believe. The unlikely center of the team is Dr. Brian Scott, a scholar of ancient semitic languages. Despite his credentials, Brian's life is overshadowed by his low self-esteem and his parents' unspeakable deaths. Brian is befriended by Father Andrew Benedict, a dignified but enigmatic priest, whose presence will dictate the direction Brian's life must take. After a tense initial briefing, Brian is confronted by Dr. Melissa Kelley for an insensitive remark made during the briefing. As angry as she is beautiful, Melissa's behavior toward Brian becomes increasingly antagonistic. Weeks of hostility pass until a selfless but reckless split-second decision on Brian's part alters their lives forever, leaving them dependent on one another for survival. A stunning climax leaves Brian and Melissa with only each other to trust, completely unaware of the larger, more sinister agenda only now beginning. Find out how today's popular authors pervert stories from ancient texts and tablets to suit their agenda of alien visitations and false extraterrestrial threat. From the frontcover: Most people don't really want the truth. They're just looking for answers that confirm their prejudices. 330 pages. A must read for everyone.

About the author:
Mike Heiser is currently writing his Ph.D. dissertation in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He holds an M.A. in Ancient History from an ivy-league institution, the University of Pennsylvania (major fields, Ancient Israel and Egyptology), and another M.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages). Mike is the recipient of several academic awards, and has written scholarly articles for several prestigious journals. Mike has taught theology, biblical studies, and world civilizations at the undergraduate level since 1992. Besides his formal academic training, Mike has had a life-long interest in the paranormal, particularly the UFO phenomenon. He is uniquely qualified to write on the intersection of ufology with ancient texts and mainstream religion.

ed2k: Heiser.-.The.Facade.(novel.about.the.ancient.aliens.visitation.hoax).(2001).pdf  [1.15 Mb] [Stats]

Also be sure to watch his video presentation on the same topic:
ed2k: How.Not.to.Handle.Ancient.Texts.-.A.Challenge.to.the.Works.of.Zechariah.Sitchin.(...iser).(2004).avi  [579.61 Mb] [Stats]

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