Farrell-Giza Death Star(Great Pyramid as weapon of mass dest

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Farrell-Giza Death Star(Great Pyramid as weapon of mass dest

Postby red_gonzo on Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:42 pm

This is Joseph P. Farrell's amazing book The Giza Death Star - The Paleophysics of the Great Pyramid and the Military Complex at Giza (2001) which explores evidence of the use of weapons of mass destruction in ancient times as one of the secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The author theorizes that the Great Pyramid was a terrible weapon of mass destruction, used by a technological advanced ancient civilization in the mist of pre-history and sits today on the Giza Plateau disarmed but ready. This technical civilization is the 'doner' civilization that provided the foundation of the Egyptian civilization that existed in the Nile Valley some 5,000 years ago. Farrell speculates, the "Great Pyramid was a phase congugate mirror (magic mirror of legends) and howitzer, utilizing Bohm's 'pilot wave' as a carrier to acelerate electromagnetic and acoustal waves to a target via harmonic interfermetry." He believes that the chambers and passageways of the Great Pyramid were used as a series of loops to generate and amplify these gravito-acoustical waves and direct them to their target. He also finds traces of this ancient science he calls "Paleophysics" in the ancient and obsecure texts of Egypt. If Ferrell's asumptions are correct, this ancient weapons system was the most powerful weapon ever to exist on Earth. Even today, with our advanced technology, the technology involved in the building of this weapon system can only exist in dreams. 315 pages, many pictures. A must read for everyone.

ed2k: Farrell.-.The.Giza.Death.Star.-.The.Paleophysics.of.the.Great.Pyramid.and.the.Mil....Giza.(2001).pdf  [14.00 Mb] [Stats]

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